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Gogglebox 2017: Everything you need to know about the cast and families

Meet the newbies and get to know the ol' favourites a little better

What’s better than settling down in front of the telly after a long, tiring day at work? Settling down in front of the telly etc. while watching a bunch of random people up and down the do the exact same thing. Obviously. It's like some sort of telly inception and we can't get enough of it.

Gogglebox has finall returned to our screens, can you believe we're on the tenth series!? TENTH.

So, cancel all your Friday night plans. Having a social life was SOOO 2016 anyway, right?

This season, most of the familiar faces we've grown weirdly close to (despite never actually meeting) are back and there are also a few newbies we're looking forward spending some virtual veg out time with over the next few weeks.

So, who are the Gogglebox 2017 families?

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan

Who are the three new boys on Gogglebox?

Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan Plummer are three brothers who joined Gogglebox in 2017 for series eight.

Where are they from? What do they do?

The Plummers brothers live in Bristol and are all craaaaazy about football. In fact, Tristan is a winger for Hereford FC and Twain plays for Bradford Town.

What can we expect from the Three T's on Gogglebox?

PUPPIES. In a recent episode Tremain brought along his tiny, little pug puppy and look HOW CUTE IT IS.

Do the Plummer bothers have Twitter?

Yup. You can keep up to date with the (fiiiiit) boys on Twitter here: @Goggleboxbros


Who are Dave and Shirley and where are they from?

We actually don't know all that much about Dave and Shirley, the pair remain shrouded in mystery. But we do know that they live in Caerphilly and are highly entertaing on the ol' telly box.

What did Dave from Gogglebox cause a stir on Twitter?

Dave often likes to watch the TV in a bizarre horizontal position that leaves his neck unsupported - which a lot of viewers noted on Twitter. He also won an office bake-off competition, so is pretty good in the kitchen.

Dave and Shirley's best quotes

  • "I didn't just win, I walked it to be honest" - Dave on his bake-off win

  • "She would be easy to cater for, mind, for dinner, 'cos you could just put a couple of bowls out, you imagine, different varieties of crisps, tin of evaporated milk, box of tea bags, there you are sweetheart...she’d be overawed she would" - Dave on a girl on First Dates who said she loved crisps and evaporated milk in her tea


Who are the McCormicks on Gogglebox?

Scott and Georgia watch with their son Isaac and their massive dog.

What can you expect to see from the McCormick family on Gogglebox?

Apart from Scott's absolutely resplendent beard, he's also an aeronautical engineer. Isaac their son has Tourette's, and they hope that his Gogglebox appearance might spread awareness of the condition. Isaac is also awesome.


Who are the Delayney-Ellwoods and where are they from?

The posh family made up of mum Toni, dad Jefferey and their daughters Elizabeth and Jess from Dorset didn't get off to a great start this series, with fans claiming they were no match for the now-absent Steph and Dom.

Their sofa is SUSPICIOUSLY similar to Steph and Dom's. Hmmmm.


Who are Mary and Marina from Gogglebox and where are they from?

Mary and Marina are the hilarious, cheeky wine-swigging Bristolians who once went to Butlers in the Buff. LOL we LOVE them.

What's in their living room?

They've always got a fab bouquet of flowers on the table.


Where are they from?

The Michael family are from Brighton.

Who are the Michael family?

Andrew, Carolyne, Louis and Alex. There's also another daughter who popped up recently on series 7 who looks very like Alex and confused the crap out of Twitter - everyone thought Alex just looked way different. Nope, it's Catheryne who occasionally subs in if Alex can't make it. Mystery solved.

What happened with the Michael family Dad and UKIP?

Dad Andrew ran as a UKIP candidate so the whole fam had to leave for a few seasons, but they're back. Which is a relief, because they're our fave.

Fun, random object in the Michael family's house

There's a black bowl with big metallic coloured balls in it. Sometimes Andrew keeps his slippers on the bottom of the coffee table. No word on what the balls are used for. We like to think they’re edible (they're not).

Michael family's best quotes?

  • "You have to beware the fool, because in all Shakespeare plays, the fool is actually the clever one" - Carolyne Michael on Boris Johnson

  • "Name an animal sexier than a lion" - Alex Michael on the animal kingdom


Where are Leon and June from?

Leon and June Bernicoff are from and currently live in Merseyside.

Who are Leon and June?

Now retired, Leon and June have lived together in the same house since they got married in 1960. Altogether now: n'awwwwwww.

Why are Leon and June just so damn great?

Is being an absolute legend a skill? Because they both have this skill in droves. Retired teachers, they gently bicker but always make up and Leon always has this twinkle in his eye whenever he looks at his wife. They also talk about sex a lot. Honestly, it give us all hope.

Leon and June's best quotes on Gogglebox?

  • "I think these students are all geeks. They're not like we were, bonking every night" – June on University Challenge

  • "I'll carry on – can you send a couple of women in to sit with me?" - Leon when June refused to watch Dogging Tales

  • "I couldn't bear you to part from me June like that. I couldn't do without you" - Leon watching Titanic. Still makes us well up, tbh


Who are the Tappers?

Nikki and Jonathan Tapper are at the head of the family with their two children, Josh and Amy. They’re all hella cute.

Where's the Tapper family from?

Nikki, Jonathan, Josh and Amy are from London.

Why do we love the Tapper family?

For being the most down-to-earth family on television. They're not afraid to fight on camera - there've been some teenage tantrums and some raised voices. Jonathan also once fell asleep during a show, which we absolutely loved.

Apart from a sofa of absolutely epic proportions, they like to keep their viewing space simple. Sometimes there are flowers in the background but that's about it.

What are the Tapper family's best quotes?

  • "Is having a baby the same as having a poo?" - Jonathan during One Born Every Minute

  • "Did the Titanic actually happen?" - Amy


Who are Stephen and Christopher on Gogglebox? Are they dating?

Stephen Webb and Christopher Steed - aka the hilarious Gay Guys Off Gogglebox - used to date in series 1 but now they’re just friends. Incredibly entertaining TV-watching friends.

Stephen and Christopher are both hairdressers, they're really good at banter and Chris is especially good at swearing. In fact, his mates have a drinking game where they drink every time he says "f*ck" on air. They're probably hammered every time it's on.

Where are they from?

Stephen and Christopher both live in Brighton.


You'll, of course, know that Sandra Martin's daughter stepped in to fill the void left by Sandra's former partner in crime, Sandi, last sereis.

Whilst fans were warming to the new replacement, it seems as though neither will be retunring to the show as Sandra has quit the show.

Why did Sandra quit Gogglebox?

Sandra Martin revealed on This Morning that she will not be returning to the show for the new series because she wants to focus on other projects -"I am going to miss it, but I decided at that time I wanted to move on to other things."

However, it has been rumoured that Sandra quit Gogglebox due to her entering I'm A Celebrity this November.

Sandra hinted to Mail On Sunday saying: "I am going to earn big money this year. I got a contract with a big TV show I am now allowed to talk about."


Why did Sandi quit Gogglebox?

Sandra and Sandi Bogle were the Brixton-born best mates that gauraunteed absolutely lol-worthy reactions to the week's TV best-bits. However, fans were pretty shocked to see Sandy is missing from the 2017 line-up and that Sandra's daughter Chanchez has stepped in to replace her.

Sandi has apparently quit the show to pursue her music career. A source told the Daily Mail: "Sandi has decided to leave the show to pursue her singing career and other opportunities and we wish her all the very best."

Sandi Bogle and Celebrity Big Brother

Although Sandi allegdly left Gogglebox to focus on her music carrer, more recently, Sandi Bogle, particpated in Celebrity Big Brother 2017. Of course, she Sandi gave us plenty lols. But she was the sixth housemate to be evicted from the show, leaving viewers and presenter Emma Willis shocked. Sandi was the most predicted housemate to win Celebrity Big Brother 2017

What we loved about Sandi and Sandra

Special mentions should go to their wicked manicures, incredible accessories and constant booming, screaming laughter. So many 'NOOOOOO's and 'OH MY GODDDDD's. Endlessly watchable. Sandra also once couldn't stop farting, which was excellent viewing.

The squashiest sofa, and the gold-est picture frames known to mankind. The pair also rarely make use of said squashy sofa, preferring to lean forwards as they scream at the TV. Except from when Sandra did an rendition of One Born Every Minute and pretended to give birth on the carpet.

Sandi and Sandra's best quotes on Gogglebox

  • "ICEBERRRRRG!" - both of them while watching Titanic

  • "Mary Berry is doing something I like. Old fashioned cup of tea, nice sandwich, cut well. Not all this shit they're putting in sandwiches now" - Sandra


Who are the Siddiquis?

Baasit, Umar and their dad Sid. Other brother Raza sometimes makes an appearance and the mum and daughters occasionally pop in but it's the dudes who are the regulars, as the girls are a bit camera-shy.

Facts about the Siddiqui family

Er, Umar's a microbiologist and also a bit of an electronic musician (you can even check out his Soundcloud) so he's got a fair few skills. And Sid can sort out your computer woes - he teaches IT (and his students love the show). They're also really quietly hilarious, and come across like genuinely lovely people.

You might not have noticed these things about the Siddiqui family

There's an ornament of two bluebirds that pops up in a different place each week. Sometimes on the shelf, sometimes on the coffee table. They also like newspapers, often with loads of them spread out as they watch.

The Siddiqui family's best quotes on Gogglebox

  • "It's called Britain's Got Talent, not Britain's Got Talent And Emotional Issues" - Raza

  • "You'd feel uncomfortable living with Oscar Pistorius though, wouldn't you? Every time you'd go to the bathroom you'd go, 'I'm in the bathroom Oscar, it's me! There's no one else here...'" - Baasit


Who are Bill and Josef on Gogglebox?

Bill Hartston and Josef Kollar have been best friends since meeting seventeen years ago at a Monopoly charity walk.

Bill used to be a British chess champion, and has represented the country a few times too. They've also got a good, matter-of-fact approach to the TV shows as well. No messing around or umm-ing and aah-ing. They're also really smart - Bill comes out with loads of trivia.

What's with that huge painting behind Bill and Josef?

Oh, erm, dunno, it's just a huge painting of a woman's tits casually mounted behind their sofa. No big deal. Every time the camera goes to their living room we giggle like children.

Bill and Josef's best quotes on Gogglebox?

  • "Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button" - Bill

  • "What are the only two words in the English dictionary with three consecutive double letters? Bookkeeping and tattooee" - Bill. Cheers Bill.


Who are the Gilbeys are where are they from?

Linda, Pete and their son George are from Clacton-On-Sea, Essex.

Pete's an electrician, so is pretty handy around the house. Also, George was on Celebrity Big Brother which meant the family couldn't do season 4 - but happily they're back!

Best quotes from the Gilbey family on Gogglebox

  • "Imagine spending all your life wanting to be an actor then coming back as one of those Schumacher things" - Linda on the wookies in Star Wars

  • "I've got a friend in Uranium" - Linda, meaning The Ukraine


Who are the Woerdenweber family and where are they from?

German-born Ralph, Viv and their daughter Eve. Eve's boyfriend Jay used to be a completely silent sofa staple, but then they broke up so Silent Jay is no more. They are from The Wirral.

Some facts about the Woerdenwebers

A goth family, they're the more aesthetically interesting on the show - Viv runs a goth shop called Twilight and her and her daughter are passionate activists when it comes to animal cruelty. They're also big Harry Potter fans.

The Harry Potter books got mysteriously removed from the bookshelf last season, which has got us wondering: are they not fans anymore? Were they Jay's? Are they just re-reading them? A real mystery.

The Woerdenwebers best quotes

  • "I don’t get my head around it. It makes no sense for me. What's happening? I see a phone box flying around." - Ralph on Doctor Who

  • "Oh, I just wanna take them all home." "Forget about it, I don't want 15,000 f*cking bunnies hopping around" - Eve and Ralph


Who are they and where do they live?

The UK's fave vicar Kate Bottley and her husband Graham. Their greyhound Buster makes some appearances too. They are from Nottingham.

Apart from being a woman of the cloth, Kate rivals Scarlett in the slipper department. Graham is a violin teacher, so is great to have around in case something sad happens; he can just whip out the violin.

Did Reverend Kate and Graham take a break from Gogglebox

The couple bowed out of the last series to support their daughter as she finishes her GCSEs. N'awww. They're back for Gogglebox 2017.


Who are the Malones and where are they from?

Tom and Julie and their two sons Tom Jnr and Shaun. Also loads of dogs. So many dogs. One's called Dave. They are from Manchester.

Was Tom Malone from Gogglebox on Got To Dance?

Tom Jnr appeared on Got To Dance with dance crew Ruff Diamond and is a really accomplished choreographer. Shaun plays for Manchester United's mixed ability squad and coaches football. They've also got a great dry sense of humour, which is a plus.

How many dogs does the Malone family have?

All the dogs. There literally isn't space for anything else in their living room because of the dogs. Seriously though, the dogs. FIVE DOGS.

Best quotes from the Malone family on Gogglebox

  • "Didn't Hasselhoff take it down?" - Shaun on the fall of the Berlin Wall

  • "She's a bitch: there's enough room on that bit of wood for both of them. There's loads of ways they could have got on it together; all she had to do was sit up. Then she pushed him into the water at the end" - Tom Jr on Titanic


Who are Jenny and Lee? How long have they been friends?

Jenny and Lee have been good friends since Lee was a regular at the pub Jenny was the landlady of, 21 years ago. They're adorable together.

Why are they so hilarious on Gogglebox?

They giggle constantly, and are the cutest. Also Lee is always immaculately turned out, and we'd like him to be our personal stylist please.

Have you ever noticed the really creepy Bear in teh corner of the room?

THE BEAR. There is a smiling bear on the left hand side of the screen that we can't take her eyes off. He's a bit evil.

Jenny and Lee's best quotes on Gogglebox

  • "Why is she in a wheelchair?" "Because she can't walk" - Lee telling Jenny some home truths

  • "I can't even jump out of bed" - Jenny watching a skydive


Who are Giles Wood and Mary Killen on Gogglebox?

Giles is an artist and Mary is a writer and apparently they have a cupboard full of broken crockery or a "mending cupboard". They're also friends with Boris Johnson and his sister Rachel.

Giles and Mary's best Gogglebox quotes

  • "Australians can do no wrong in my eyes. Obviously with the exception of Rolf" - Giles

  • "Some of the happiest moments in my life have been at Waitrose... I was recently asked where I would like my ashes to be scattered, I couldn't think of anywhere other than Waitrose" - Mary


Who are Ellie and Izzi from Gogglebox?

Gogglebox Ellie and Izzi spend most of their time getting overly upset about sad parts of the shows they watch in their home in Leeds. You'll also catch them eating pizza, drinking wine and not wearing shoes. They sound like our kinda gals.

Ellie and Izzi's best quotes on Gogglebox

  • "He looks like a pilot" - Izzi on Dogs Might Fly the show where they try and teach dogs how to fly planes

  • "How long would it take to fly to the moon?" "Eight years, I reckon" - Ellie getting confused about space travel


Where are the Moffatt's from?

Scarlett Moffatt and her family are from Bishop Auckland, near Newcastle.

Who are the Moffats?

Mark and Betty are the parents, Scarlett Moffatt is the daughter. Little Ava is Scarlett's sister, but she’s about ten so Gogglebox is past her bedtime.

Betty works at Burton, Mark welds and Scarlett used to advise disabled students for a living. They're also one of the most insightful families on the show, and one of the most well loved. They're also our favourites.

Notable living room objects

Scarlett's incredible array of slippers (surely she gets sent them now?) basically eclipse everything else in the room. You can't actually focus your eyes on anything other than their splendour.

The Moffatt family's best quotes

  • "Your ears line up with your nipples. Your nipples and ears are for balance" - Scarlett
  • "It's like a sexy dungeons and dragons" - Betty on Game of Thrones

Why did the Moffatts leave Gogglebox?

Scarlett quite the show after winning I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! 2016 and picking up TV jobs left, right and centre.

Show bosses felt that the Moffatt family wouldn't quite be the same without Scarlett and so will no longer be appearing in the show. WE ARE DEVO :(.


Who are Steph and Dom?

Stephanie and Dominic Parker are the posh couple off Gogglebox, often joined by their sausage dog Gigi and always drinking. In a good way.T hey own and run an upmarket B&B where Nigel Farage once stayed, so they're certainly good hosts. On top of Gogglebox they also hosted a one-off chat show At Home with Steph and Dom where they invited celebs to their B&B.

Where are Steph and Dom from?

Steph and Dom are from Kent. The the B&B they run is called The Salutation Boutique Hotel and Gardens and is in Sandwhich.

Have Steph and Dom quit Gogglebox?

The couple confirmed that they had quit the show back in 2016.

Speaking to The Sun, they said: "We think it’s important that everyone gets their chance to be on Gogglebox and give their opinion, and having been on it from the beginning we felt like we’d pretty much said all we needed to say, and we knew what we were going say.

"We’ve decided to take a break from it."


What's Steph and Dom's house like?

The overwhelming vibe is one of 'mustard' with a lot of drapery, a lot of interesting looking alcoholic bottles, and occasionally a champagne chiller.

Steph and Dom's best quotes

  • "Sex is like air really. It's only important when you're not getting any" - Dom

  • "Must remember that when I next go to the Co-op" - Steph on The Full Monty dance sequence

Does Chrissy Teigen enjoy a bit of Gogglebox?

Funny you should ask, mate. On a visit to the UK Chrissy tweeted how much she likes the show, saying: "In love with gogglebox. I don't think I can go to John's show tomorrow. I'll be watching channel 4."


Catch Gogglebox on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4

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