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Gogglebox's Michaels family have moved house and viewers are LIVID.

'It's hurting my eyes!'

Hurrah! Goggleboxis FINALLY back.

The show where we watch other people on telly... er, watching telly. It's something we are fully onboard with though. as the families are a lot more funnier than we are and can always think of great things to say, whilst watching EastEnders.

We, on the other hand, can barely be bothered to let Netflix know we are still watching Power...

(If you are funny and like watching telly, you should definitely apply for Gogglebox though hun! You could even end up on Masterchef like Kate Bottley!)

We digress. Gogglebox was back last night, however, some viewers were left livid (read: foaming at the mouth with rage) as the Michaels family moved house and their new living room was 'blinding their eyes'.

Owch. Apparently Channel 4 viewers are not into 'maximalism' (which is a big A/W 17 trend, FYI).

In last night's show, the Michaels family were in a completely different living room.

They said 'bye Felicia!' to brown leather sofas, white walls and a glass coffee table.

And said 'oh HEYYY!' to pink walls, purple velvet sofas and a bright pink patterned armchair.

TBH, we are living for the new decor. It's proper fancy-shmnacy, ain't it!

Maybe the Gogglebox bosses have given the families a hefty bonus for being utterly fabulous? Maybe, the pressure of your living room being on telly every Friday night got too much? Maybe there is a unmissable offer on fuschia patterned armchairs?

So many questions.

Gogglebox viewers however, were not a fan of the new living room and were pining for the old pine-coloured chairs.

A Twitter user wrote: "The decor overhaul in the Michaels family home is really disconcerting. I don't like change."

Another agreed: "Did the annoying Michaels family read House Beautiful 1968 for decorating ideas??? Good god! Too loud. Turn it down."

What do you think of the Michaels family's new crib? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, please.


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