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Serious question. Who is the narrator of Gogglebox 2017?

Gogglebox, the show where we watch people on telly watch telly, is the bloody bomb diggity. But who does the voiceover on the Channel four show?

Who narrates Gogglebox 2017?

The main narrator for Gogglebox 2017 is now solely, Craig Cash.

Craig Cash (far right)

Craig Cash is an English comedian, director and actor He is also an award-winning writer and producer.

Craig has worked on several TV shows, such as, After Hours, Early Doors and many more.

Why have the Gogglebox narrators changed?

As you may have noticed, the narrators of Gogglebox notably change from time to time. Although they're both incredibly hilar.

This is due to their main narrator, Caroline Aherne, becoming ill in 2014. When Caroline took breaks from narrating show due to her medical illness, Craig Cash (who was also her co-writer on The Royle Family) filled in for her.

Caroline, sadly passed away in 2016.

Caroline Aherne Gogglebox Narrator

Caroline was a BAFTA-winning, English comedian best known for Mrs Merton, The Fast Show and The Royle Family. She narrated Gogglebox from 2013 until April 2016.

Caroline was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2014, Aherne said: "I will be narrating this week's Gogglebox and I will continue to narrate Gogglebox for as long as Gogglebox want me."

In May 2016, Caroline told her family that she was terminally ill. And, sadly, 2 July 2016, at age 52, Caroline Aherne passed away due to her battle with the lung cancer, at her home in Timperley.

A tribute was done for Caroline by Steve Coogan at the Stand Up to Cancer 2016 campaign.


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