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Harley Judge's reaction to not being asked back on Love Island's too funny

Stay humble, Harley

Love Island viewers across the NATION were left shocked to their very cores last night when it was announced two new(ish) lads will be entering the villa from a choice of four; Jack, Scott, Sam Gowland or muggy Mike Thalassitis.

But nobody was more shocked than the first dumped islander Harley Judge.

As you're probably aware if you're a Love Island 2017 OG, poor Harley was the first fella to be chucked out of the villa BUT he's still humble af. Obviously.

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A couple of weeks back, Harley got properly trolled for his bloody hilarious post on Instagram. Kinda putting himself in the same calibre of celeb as Will Smith or some shiz, he captioned one pic 'Never forget your day ones…I stay humble with it all. 5 weeks ago I was working on a building site so I will never change. #stayhumble.'

Seriously, it was amazing.

So obviously viewers are royally taking the piss after he tweeted 'Cheers for the invite' complete with loads of laughing-crying emojis in light of last night's news.

On fan replied: 'Someone's got to stay on the outside promoting protein #stayhumble.'

Another was all like: 'You were too busy staying humble pal x'

And, yeah, there was definitely a recurring theme on our timelines:

'Stay humble, remember your roots'

Too funny.

This all comes as fans basically beg for Mike to be put back in the villa to get with Tyla Carr, with the general consensus being along the lines of: "Bring back Mike and Sam! I wonder if Mike will try it on with Tyla or take back Olivia and push Chris over the edge???"

Can't bloody wait.

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