Harry Styles posted the video to a fan, begging her to reconsider her nuptials

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Harry Styles tells One Direction super-fan NOT to wed her fiancé!

Now if Harry Styles asked us not to marry our husband to be and told us he’d be waiting for us if we changed our mind – we honestly think we would consider it.

Just a little bit, you know – he’s rich, he’s good looking and we bet he gives really nice hugs.

But when One Direction super-fan Tash Gershfield had this VERY dilemma, she sacked off the Styles and wedded her fiancé anyway.

Luckily for her now husband James – because he planned the whole thing.

Tash posted the video earlier, which was played at her wedding, where you can see Harry telling saying she didn’t have to go ahead with it and that he’d be waiting for her. In a café, in Borehamwood.

He’s a good sport, old Harry.


We’d be there in a shot.

And we’ll have an all day breakfast and two sugars with our tea, while we’re at it.

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