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This Sharpay theory will change how you see High School Musical forever

Our minds are well and truly blown

High School Musical is still EXTREMELY close to our hearts and it will always soar high above (lol) in our list of fave shows. Glee tried to take HSM's telly musical crown, but to no avail.

Plus HSM had bloody Zac Efron,the original beefcake.

In news that will probably make you feel extremely old, High School Musical turned 10 years old last year – yes really – and we thought we knew everything there was to know about the characters, the show, the songs...etc.

Well that was until a Twitter user shared a groundbreaking theory that has now changed the way we look at High School Musical forever.

Twitter user @SHARPAYSAVICTIM has posted a very interesting thread on why Sharpay Evans was not the villain of the show, but actually the victim.

The theory (picked up by Buzzfeed) spreads across all the three films and starts off by detailing that 'Sharpay and Ryan have been performing since preschool, they know the stage like the back of their hands and they have a ridiculous amount of talent but not only that, they also have stage presence and know how to perform. Troy and Gabriella know nothing about singing or theatre, their only experience is singing in a karaoke bar.'

The thread then adds a kinda valid point about having 'to start somewhere' in musical theatre and how you can't just immediately rise to the top.

"She [Gabriella] somehow ends up in Troy's school and they're just standing there looking at the sign up sheet and Sharpay shows up and she tells them that there's always supporting roles if they wanna get in theater which is seen a bitchy move but I don't see how that's bitchy like people gotta start somewhere like you don't just expect to be the star."

So did Troy and Gabriella just stamp all over Sharpay's hard work? Are they just those annoying people who turn up to the exam without doing any revision but still get the grades?

Unfair, right? Sharpay knows her worth and although she might go about it in the wrong ways, she can't be painted as 'pure evil'.

She's just AMBITIOUS.

You can read the incredible theory by clicking on the below tweet:

Even Ashley Tisdale, who played Sharpay, responded to the theory by tweeting: “I personally think she was a victim from the start....... her parents named her Sharpay!”

Very good point.

Justice for Sharpay?


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