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Holly Hagan has QUIT Geordie Shore


Alreet? No actually, we're not, but thanks for asking.

We're feeling pretty ruddy downhearted because Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore original, has apparently quit the show.

What will Geordie Shore be without Holly? Now that Charlotte Crosby has walked, and Gary Beadle says that he only has two seasons left in him (and don't even get us started on the Vicky Pattison shaped hole in our hearts) what is even the point?

You know how some shows get rid of actors and replace them, e.g. Pippa Ross from Home and Away or Ben Mitchell from EastEnders and we all have to pretend that nothing has changed?


"Holly formally told producers she was off earlier this month.

"She’s got her own projects to follow and there's a whole new cast that's come in and she's feeling that it's really time to move on," a show source told The Sun.

"Producers have asked her to reconsider but so far she’s stuck to her guns."

TBH it did feel a bit weird that Holly would stick around after Charlotte left. And she hasn't seemed very happy in the show for a while now.

Holly's also said that she doesn't want to do a James Tindale and fade away.

"He kind of fizzled out. I'd rather leave on a bang, leave on a high when I had a really amazing series," Hol told Digital Spy.

Fair play. James did seem to hang around long past his storylines ended. Having a long-term partner outside the show and Geordie Shore do not mix. Remember Gaz in the Lillie Lexie Gregg years? Us neither – he did literally nothing of interest.

Geordie Shore is back for a whopping 13th series next week. Find out absolutely everything you could need to know about it right here.

We contacted MTV who preferred not to comment and Holly's management who did not immediately respond.

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