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Who is Iain Stirling? Everything you need to know about the Love Island voiceover guy

His witty one liners and soothing Scottish accent are played into the ears of millions of us every evening (except Saturday, the nation's new least fave day of the week) and he’s now one of the most recognisable voices on TV.

Most of us now consider him a close and familiar friend, the Chairman of the island who is able to hilariously observe the Love Islander’s while we’re at home screaming at the TV.

So, let's delve into the world of Iain Stirling, the guy with the best job in television.

Who is Iain Stirling?

Iain was a law student at Edinburgh Uni and is in the latest wave of floppy-haired comedians, writers, television presenters to make it big after being scouted during one of his stand-up routines (only after being spotted on Instagram for his rippling body, of course).

He's voiced the show since its first series in 2015 and fast become a staple, along with Caroline Flack (and we would love to know what they get up to behind the scenes).

How old is Iain Stirling?

At the time of writing Iain is 29.

What will I have seen him on before? Was Iain Stirling on CBBC?

He has presented shows for CBBC and even bagged himself a BAFTA nomination for best children's presenter- Go Iain!

He has now had three BAFTA nominations in total, how impressive is that?!

Where is he from?

Iain is a proud Southerner. Jokes.

Edinburgh. He's from Edinburgh. Or as he calls it, skotchland. But he lives in London now.

What else is Iain Stirling working on? Are there any shows I can actually see his face on?

Yes! He is the also the host of new ITV2 show Celebability that airs immediately after Love Island on Thursdays, the perfect cure if you can't face going cold turkey from Love Island like us.

He also has an upcoming stand-up show called 'U OK HUN?x' which we could only ever read in Iain's voice as Olivia breaks down in tears for the fifth time that morning.

Does Iain Stirling have Instagram? Can I follow him on Twitter?

Ever bashful, you can follow Iain's Instagram here: @iaindoesjokes.

And his Twitter here: @IainDoesJokes.

He tweets some pretty funny stuff about the show, even threatening to walk into the ocean if he hears a contestant utter the word literally one more time.

All in all, Iain has achieved some pretty impressive stuff for a 29-year-old.

Stealing the crown from the nations favourite voiceovers from Big Brother and Come Dine With Me is a special kind of brilliant.

Who knows, if Iain sees someone who is literally just his type on paper, maybe one day he could be mugging people off in the villa too?

We can dream.


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