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Is Jasmine Lennard suing Celebrity Big Brother?


Celebrity Big Brother is the show that keeps on giving.

It has literally been on for two days and the amount of drama we’ve seen emerge has been immense.

But thinking about it, when has a series of CBB been dull? Never.

The show has already been accused of bullying contestants, Ray J has been shading Kanye West and Katie Price is rumoured to be going into the house on Friday.

Now, Jasmine Lennard – former CBB star – is allegedly suing the show after claiming that it is all one big fix.

So let’s give a quick rundown as to what’s actually happened.

Basically Jasmine Lennard is pretty annoyed that she was bumped off the All Stars vs New Stars show this year for her rival Jasmine Waltz.

She has said that, before the show, she was promised she’d make the final of the current series with a producer allegedly saying she would "participate for the full four weeks of the series".

Eek. That is not the kind of drama that show producers need right now.

Jasmine has supposedly vowed to expose the full extent of the internal corruption.

"I've had a relationship with @channel5_tv and @endemolshine for over a decade and given my everything to them. I regarded them as my media family," she tweeted.

She continues: "The way I have been treated as a human being, as a single mother and as a person who has worked for them for over 10 years is disgusting."

“I intend to publish publicly all communications between myself and the Execs at Endemol in order to expose the full extent of the internal corruption and how dis hounourably they’ve behaved toward me so that the specific parties involved can be held accountable.

“I also intend with the full force of my legal team to drag these people through every court in the land if they refuse to honour the agreement they made with me and pay me.”

It looks like Celebrity Big Brother have got a big battle on their hands…

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