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Is Jemma Lucy going on Celebrity Big Brother?

This would be SO GOOD

Those still unable to shake off the extreme sadness that comes with the end of Celebrity Big Brother will do well to remember that it'll be coming back this summer.

We've already made a line up rumours list cos we're KEEN AF, and the latest to join this is Ex On The Beach's Jemma Lucy.

Who would obviously be AMAZING.

(Sidenote: If this happens, they NEED to get previous CBB winner and Jemma's ex Stephen Bear in. Just sayin')

A source told The Sun Online: "Everyone knows Jemma makes for great telly so it's no surprise she's on the Celebrity Big Brother wanted list.

"She’s not afraid to have a barney or strip off so she’ll definitely spice up the house."

She would be SO GOOD.

The coming CBB will be the 20th series of the show, and producers are apparently v v v keen to make it the best yet.

And they're reportedly planning to do another All Stars V New Stars type arrangement.

A source previously told The Sun Online: "They’ve seen this series as a bit of a trial and error, but the formula has worked well with viewers."

In related news, Jemma recently slammed Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby's relationship (who've been snogging in nightclubs and the like).

She retweeted someone on Twitter who asked whether she supported their relationship.

She added to the Tweet: "He will cheat on her like he did me, serves her right for going after all my exes, pretty funny really."

Someone then pointed out that she'd slept with Char's ex, Gaz, while in the Ex On The Beach villa.

She added: "Yeah he's not her ex boyfriend tho plus I was put in a room with him with loads of booze and I'm not dating him."


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