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The very EXPLOSIVE Just Tattoo Of Us trailer is here!!!

Charlotte Crosby is naaaaht a happy bunny

The concept of MTV's brand new show Just The Tattoo Of Us, fronted by utter radgies Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear, is basically the telly equivalent of going to 'Ibiza back in 2009' and waltzing into a tattoo parlour with a bunch of strangers after a night out and waking up the next morning to find an etching of a camel on your little toe (best tattoo ever).

Or IBIZA written in a naff italic font on your wrist. Soz Mum.

In Just Tattoo Of Us, both Charlotte, Bear and a team of tattoo artists will see couples ink their partners without the other one seeing the design first. CRAY CRAY. And because we're always the first to bring you the goss, it's rumoured that Bear ended up with a tattoo of Charlotte's FACE on his bicep.

Loads of Geordie Shore regulars take part (including Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie) and Bear and Charlotte also get involved.

Spoiler: poor Holly ends up with her on/off boyfriend Kyle's ENTIRE FACE on the back on her neck. The poor lamb will never be able to wear her hair in a messy top knot ever again. Devvo.

And in the brand spanking new promo trailer, Charlotte is seen KICKING OFF at Bear for the design he's chosen.

Did he choose to tattoo one of these doodles?

Or is it something waaaaaaay worse?

We'll have to wait and see.

Watch the full trailer NOW:

This is destined to be our new favourite show. Soz not soz.


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