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Everything you need to know about Big Brother's Kayleigh Morris

She called someone a WHAT?!

It’s officially summer time and Big Brother is back on our TV screens.

Despite this season not officially being a Celebrity Big Brother there are at least one or two house mates we definitely recognise.

Still wondering who they are? Let us help you figure it out, because we are nice like that.

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Who is Kayleigh Morris?

You might recognise Kayleigh Morris from that time she was on Ex on the Beach not once but TWICE, and that time she called her co-star Gemma Lucy a used condom.

Kayleigh is also known for her fiery temper. She has previously made headlines for trashing her boyfriend's house and telling him she 'killed his cat' after suspecting him of cheating. You ok, Hun?

How old is Kayleigh?


Where is Kayleigh from?

Port Talbort, Wales

What is Kayleigh Morris's Instagram?


What does Kayleigh do for a living?

Kayleigh is a clothing concession manager. In fact Kayleigh takes her self so seriously as a business woman, it's the REASON she's come on Big Brother – to overthrow her 'Bimbo' label and prove she can make it in the world of Business. Makes total sense to us.

What does Kayleigh's dating history look like?

She's been linked to footballer Ashley Cain and Ex On The beach star Stephen Bear (pre-Charlotte Crosby days, obvs).

Does Kayleigh Morris currently have a boyfriend?

She is going out with the impossibly good looking model Conrad Williams.

Apart from being full-time gorgeous, Conrad is also known for his TV appearances. When he went on Take Me Out and ALL the girls left their lights on. We are not surprised, tbh.

You can find him looking dreamy on Instagram here: conrad_williams

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