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The REAL reason BB’s Kayleigh Morris and Marnie Simpson seem to hate each other?

We love a good feud

In perhaps the most EXCITING Big Brother Shopping Task ever to have been, Marnie Simpson, Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean entered the regular people BB house in last night’s episode.

Aside from Gemma Collins getting pissed on, perhaps the main talking point was a mysterious feud that seemed to be going on with Kayleigh Morris and Marnie Simpson.

Speaking in the Diary Room during the episode, Kayleigh says: "I hate Charlotte Crosby and you put her f-cking best friend in and when I look at Marnie I just think of f-cking Charlotte and it's angering me every f-cking second. My f_cking boyfriend has Charlotte Crosby's f-cking tattoo on his f-cking leg, I'm sick of it."

We too were extremely confused about why one earth her boyfriend has Charlotte Crosby tattooed on his f-cking leg, so we did some investigative journalism (Googled it a bit), and it turns out her bf, called Conrad Williams, went on Just Tattoo Of Us.

ANYWAY, apparently there’s more than meets the eye to this weird celeb feud – the two apparently have another connection, in addition to Charlotte Crosby.

Love Island star Troy Frith was apparently trying to get with them both at the same time! Nawty boy!

He told Now magazine: “I was speaking to Marnie from Geordie Shore but I’m a bit greedy so I was speaking to Kayleigh from Ex at the same time.”

“It didn’t go down too well to be honest.”


We’ll never know…


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