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It's about to kick off on Love Island between Chris and 'Muggy' Mike...

Who saw that coming?

There's some fireworks on tonight's Love Island, and it's not the good kind.

Oh yes, get the popcorn ready because Chris is about to deliver even more A* entertainment- the whole series is kind of resting on him, right?

After fancying Camilla (remember that??), pieing off Chloe and Tyne-Lexy for Olivia and claiming "every girl in this villa fancies me", Chris is about to feel the wrath of karma.

In the recoupling last night, Mike pulled a shock move (not really) and picked Olivia. Tonight, we'll see Chris' reaction and it's not one to be missed.

Of course, if you can't wait till then, we have some SPOILERS for you...

Chris pulls the ultimate cringe move and gives it the biggun in the beach hut without actually confronting Mike. He vents: "Mike is a mug, he said some horrible things to Liv and I’m not going to forget that and it was almost a reminder to her that he has bitched about her behind her back which isn’t very nice."

Dubbing him 'Muggy Mike', Chris continues to talk about the situation to... everyone but Mike.

That's until Mike decides he's had enough of the bitching and tells him "I’d rather you said anything to my face rather than behind my back."


The two FINALLY hash it out, with Chris telling Mike he shouldn't have done "all the bitchy stuff" on the first night and Mike firing back that Chris was the bitchy one after all the antics today.


And here's a sneak preview if you can't wait until tonight!

You'll have to tune in to see full reaction, we know we will be!


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