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Who is Lotan Carter? Everything you need to know about the sexiest Big Brother housemate

Did someone say rippling muscles?

Oh, Big Brother. Every evening at 9pm you provide us with so much entertainment we are wondering if we are starting to become reliant a little you.

However there is someone in particular we look forward to getting our fix of every evening. Here is what you need to know about Big Brother's Lotan Carter and his rippling muscles.

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Who is Lotan Carter?

Lotan Carter is a cheeky and charming lad from Essex with quite frankly an UNBELIEVEABLE body (which he is known for baring).

He is also one of the leading stars of the male stripper group Dreamboys and who have insured his penis for £12 million. Well it's better to be safe than sorry.

How did Lotan get into stripping?

Lotan originally trained as a ballet dancer which explains the rock solid abs and legs.

His uncle is Louise Spence (also famous dancer, chorographer and TV personality) and at the age of 20, they appeared alongside each other on Pineapple Dance Studios - a documentary on the London dance school.

One day he was seen on TV on Pineapple Dance Studios phoned him up and asked him to audition.

In an interview Lotan has previously revealed he doesn't get fully naked in performances as he prefers to leave something to the imagination.

How old is Lotan Carter?


Where is Lotan Carter from?

Braintree, Essex

Does Lotan have Instagram?

He does indeed. He's at @lotanlaidbare

Why has Lotan Carter entered the Big Brother house?

He wants to see how he reacts in a controlled environment and admits he's never not had attention from women.

He said "I want to lay it all bare and put myself through the test in this unique and intense experience".

Is Lotan single?

Lotan was engaged in 2015 but the marriage was broken off earlier this year.

Yep, you heard it here ladies. Lotan is officially back on the market. Interested?

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