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Love Island viewers turn on Camilla and accuse her of game-playing for having sex with Jamie

But praise Jamie for being the 'perfect gentleman'. EH?

Last night Love Island viewers saw Camilla Thurlow tell her fellow Islanders Gabby Allen and Montana Brown all about her night of nawty cuddles with Jamie Jewitt in the villa.

Waking up after having sex with Jamie for the first time, Camilla was quick to tell her pal Montana that, "Jamie put it in."

And adding: "I can confirm he's perfect…he has a perfect penis."


Jamie, however, opted to keep schtum about the whole thing, telling Camilla he wouldn't say anything to the others in the villa.

“I won’t say anything if you don’t want me to say anything," he told Cam, who actually replied, "I don’t mind it’s up to you. You can say what you like, I don’t mind. Thanks for checking though."

Viewers then took to Twitter to praise Jamie for his gentlemanly behaviour.

One fan wrote: "Jamie is just amazing #loveisland true gent checking in before doing the lad thing #amazing."

Another added: “Jamie is that prince from all the Disney films that girls are always searching for #LoveIsland.”

And we couldn't agree more, tbh.

However, other fans have been quick to turn on Camilla, branding her a game-player and putting on an act for having sex with Jamie.


One Twitter user wrote: "Funny how Camilla’s put out a week before the final? And people say she’s not playing a game hmm…. major player #loveisland”

Someone else tweeted: "Not so sweet & innocent now is she. Camilla playing the biggest game in the whole villa. Well done her. She had us all fooled! #loveisland.”

Is this 2017, or...?

Another went in on literally everyone in the Island, except Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay, and branded Camilla as fake for 'acting innocent': "Gabby is fake, Camilla acting innocent is fake, Montana and Alex have no spark, Liv is a dick, chris and Kem to win.. bye #loveisland"

Erm, Not sure when sleeping with someone you find attractive became such a crime, guys?

And who doesn't love a good confidence transformation, eh?


Here's Love Island's Jamie Jewitt naked. You're welcome.

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