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Love Island contestants reveal the special items BANNED from the show

The contestants of Love Island are often seen laying around in their skimpy bikinis enjoying the sunshine.

But, while they might not be the biggest fans of covering themselves up, there is an item of clothes that’s been banned from the show.

The island residents are only allowed to take one suitcase of belongings with them and that is meant to last two months.

And they waste no time in filling up their bags with revealing swimsuits and outfits to suit the warm weather, while the usual mobile phones and other devices are to allowed.

However there some additional things that are forbidden from being allowed on set - branded clothes and accessories.

Katy McDermott told OK!: “We weren’t allowed branded clothes in the villa, nothing with a brand even the smallest things.

“They do tell you beforehand, but even the tiniest things were taken away.”

This is likely to have gone unnoticed by many viewers but some have been wondering who they’ve already coped with so few belongings for the six weeks they’ve been living in front of the cameras.

One viewer tweeted: “What baffles me is how they’re there for six weeks and only have one suitcase.”

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