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Love Island’s Harley Judge got mercilessly trolled for this cringe Instagram post


It’s hard being famous.

You’re catapulted into the limelight and all of a sudden, you don’t know who your real friends are. Your ego is constantly stroked. You can become so self-important, so self-obsessed, that you forget who the real ‘you’ even is.

Fortunately, this is definitely NOT the case for Harley Judge.

Who, you ask?

He was the first contestant to be dumped from the last island after being on the show for precisely five days.

The poor guy.

The 22-year-old groundsworker took to Instagram to remind people that GUYYYYS, he’s still the same him! He’ll never forget where he came from! (Mostly because he is back there now and only took a five day leave of absence.)

But most importantly, despite this newfound fame, fortune and club appearances in Norwich, he WILL stay humble:

‘Never forget your day ones…I stay humble with it all. 5 weeks ago I was working on a building site so I will never change. #stayhumble.’

People, to put it lightly, ripped into him.

We can’t actually decide what is worse, those, or this.

He has since edited the caption to simply read: ‘’Never forget your day ones.’’

Oh, bless him! He just wanted to enjoy the final thirty seconds of his fifteen minutes of fame. The internet is a ruthless place.

Fellow dumped islanders, however, have had a little more luck staying in the public eye since they left the villa.

Only today, Jess Shears and ‘muggy’ Mike Thalassitis went on This Morning to PROMISE that they did not have sex with each other the second they got off the island. They pinky swear.

And now, recent dumpee Dom Lever has thrown in his two cents and saying that he believes the pair AND even said that he would PROPOSE to Jess.

See Harley, you need to find yourself a proper scandal if you want to justify using phrases like ‘stay humble’ and not have the whole of the internet laughing at you.

Maybe declare an undying love for Camilla, or even Caroline Flack? We’re just throwing some ideas out here.

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