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The internet's obsessed with Jamie Jewitt's avocado toast and we've reached peak Love Island

This is our life now

When we studied journalism at uni, we never really envisioned ourselves writing about avocado toast in the shape of letters of the alphabet for a living. Yet here we are doing exactly that, and we couldn't be happier about it.

As you're probably aware seeing as you're equally, if not more, obsessed than us Love Island's Jamie Jewitt gave Camilla Thurlow a birthday treat in the form of avo toast last night. And the internet's response? Bloody hilarious, as ever.

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In potentially the cutest scenes since Brooklyn Beckham posted that adorable birthday tribute to Harper, Jamie spelt 'Happy bday Cam' in oh-so-deliciously-creamy avocado toast and obviously it's up there with their hideaway sesh on social media.

One viewer tweeted: "if Camilla bangs Jamie after being made avocado on toast this will be the most middle class thing to happen ever."

With another all like: "Swear to god if someone did what Jamie did for Camilla and made me avocado on toast in the shape of my name I would marry them right there."

Same pal.

And, echoing the thoughts of an entire nation, another fan requested: "For my next birthday I really want avocado on toast served by a CK model... call me shallow, I don't care!!"

Meanwhile we're forever alone, so that's great.

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