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Camilla Thurlow's new man on Love Island branded a cheat by ex


Camilla Thurlow, the nation's sweetheart and all-round good egg, hasn't exactly been the luckiest in love on this year's Love Island.

Her first coupling-up with Sam Gowland was purely platonic before he was snatched away by Olivia Attwood. Then along came Jonny Mitchell who took her heart and basically stamped all over it. We thought the arrival of newbie Craig Lawson could finally be the shining beacon of light in Cam's pretty dismal Island love life, but it turns out he wasn't to be trusted and our Cam was still reeling from the bitter blow dealt by snakey Jonny.

Last night, things were FINALLY looking up as the arrival of new Islander Jamie Jewitt sparked the start of a new potential romance for Camilla. Their date was super adorbz and fans on Twitter seemed to absolutely living for Jamilla 2.0.

ALAS, it seems all is very much not fair in love and (Love Island) war, as Jamie's ex has crawled out of the woodwork to brand him a ‘love rat’ and warn Camilla off him.

"He is so lovely girls throw themselves at him, but he cheats on all his girlfriends. He’s a love rat and will admit it himself. He loves women and can’t help himself," Big Brother 2016 star Georgina Leigh – who met Jamie on E4 reality show Taking New York – told The Sun.

She then added: "Camilla should be careful as she isn’t exciting enough to change him - she is too boring and sweet to keep his attention.

"He needs snapping into shape and Camilla isn’t the right person to do that."

Umm, bit harsh. No need to drag our Cam into this...

We've still got high hopes for Cam and Jamie tbh.


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