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Here's Love Island's Jamie Jewitt naked. You're welcome.

Move over, Bowen

When it comes to Love Island-based peen, you might think Alex Bowen's willy's the only one worth worrying about. Well, mate, you're WRONG; 'cause now 2017 newbie Jamie Jewitt's been posing butt naked and we've struggled to concentrate on anything else the entire afternoon.

Yup - new islander Jamie once appeared in a well fancy campaign for Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino fragrance; and to the delight of our eyeballs there was very little in the way of clothing in said ad. Hoorah.

Posing for Tom Ford in his early modelling days, keen actor Jamie didn't think twice about whipping his kecks off and getting really-quite-cosy with a lucky lass in the name of deliciously-fragrant-but-pretty-bloody-expensive perfume.

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Chucking an outtake on Instagram, Jamie said: 'Repost from @trey.laird outtake from #tomford neroli portofino shoot #birthdaysuit.'

Let's flip reverse that for a better view, shall we?

A zoom, anyone?

ALRIGHT, alright; so you can't see actual human dick. Still kinda does the job though, right? Just thought we'd bring it to your attention.

As you were, love.

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