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Is Love Island's Jonny Mitchell on Tinder already?


Love Island's Jonny Mitchell might've reportedly deleted his social media profiles (it's since been claimed he was actually hacked); but fans reckon he might be on Tinder looking for love already.

Jonny was obviously booted off the show a couple of nights ago; and now screenshots of his supposed Tinder profile are doing the rounds on Twitter. But is it really him?

Er, doubt it.

A profile's circulating showing Jonny stood by Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. All seems pretty legit so far, right? He's well fancy.

It's the bio that's raising alarm bells, though. After listing Jonny as 'Entrepreneur. Explorer. Gentleman,' he (and we say 'he' very loosely) requests 'classy girls only' before adding 'Fatties and feminists swipe left… 6’2 if that matters. LOL.'


Look, we know Jonny faced a fair amount of criticism over claims his behaviour was 'possessive' and admitted he 'doesn't regret' that Camilla Thurlow feminism row, but pull the other one.


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This all comes after Jonny responded to Women's Aid's claims he was 'controlling' when it came to his fling with Tyla Carr, telling us: "That comment was made in extreme jest; it was very tongue-in-cheek. I was just trying to laugh about things rather than losing my head.

"Of course I didn’t mean that in the literal sense, that’d be ridiculous. I think if anything over the last few days where I did back off and give Tyla the space to think about what she wanted it shows that I’m not possessive and controlling.

"The only time that I lost my head over things was when I felt that Theo had acted in a shady way. I feel any real person would want to confront someone over that kind of thing and I did. Then, after that, I gave her space."


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