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Love Island's Jonny Mitchell has apparently been HACKED

He was dumped from the Island earlier this week

Love Island's Jonny Mitchell caused quite the stir with his arguably very snakey behaviour in the villa and was not exactly everyone's fave after being dumped from the Island.

Jonny faced a fair amount of criticism during his time on the show; with Women's Aid CEO Polly Neate branding his behaviour with Tyla Carr 'controlling' and 'possessive.' He's since defended his comments, but probably thought it best to take a break from social media and appeared to delete all of his accounts.

It was recently revealed that he's since deleted all his social media. Instagram, Twitter, the lot.

However, it now turns out that Jonny may not made a conscious decision to take break from the web but was, in fact, hacked.

According to Metro, Jonny is now 'desperately trying to get his accounts back under control'.

Despite supposedly being the victim of a hacking scandal, it's been reported that Jonny is already back on Tinder after his little Love Island holiday.

A profile's circulating showing Jonny stood by Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. All seems pretty legit so far, right? He's well fancy.

It's the bio that's raising alarm bells, though. After listing Jonny as 'Entrepreneur. Explorer. Gentleman,' he (and we say 'he' very loosely) requests 'classy girls only' before adding 'Fatties and feminists swipe left… 6’2 if that matters. LOL.'


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