Who *is* new Love Island lad Mike Thalassitis?

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Who *is* new Love Island lad Mike Thalassitis?

Top tip: Don't call him Michael

Love Island just keeps getting better, doesn't it? We've had bonks (oh hey, Jessica Shears and Dom Lever, break-ups (Olivia Attwood and Sam Gowland, anyone?) and everything in between. So it's only right they chuck another boy bombshell in there to really stir shit up.

Enter Mike Thalassitis. The human with potentialy the most difficult surname to spell after Cara Delevingne. Why you gotta make our lives so hard, Mike? WHY?

Entering the villa just after the latest islanders Gabrielle Allen and Tyne-Lexy Clarson; here's everything you need to know about Mike.

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Who is Love Island's Mike Thalassitis?

Mike's a semi-pro footballer, don'tchaknow?

Where is Mike Thalassitis from?

London, mate.

How old is Mike?


What is Mike Thalassitis's Instagram?

You can follow him over at @mike_thala. Expect pensive looks and much in the way of pouting.

What's Mike's USP?

He says: "I just think I look different to all of them. Tall, dark and handsome – which is what most of the girls have said they are looking for."

Modest, then?

What's Mike's idea of a nightmare date?

Mike says: "Just dates that are filled with complete boredom. When you sit there thinking ‘this is going no where.’

"When you don’t click and when they don’t laugh at my jokes. I think I’m quite funny."

Who will Mike Thalassitis want to date in the Love Island villa?

He reckons: "Looks wise, I’d say Jessica, Olivia and Amber. But personality is really important – I couldn’t be with Jessica if we were having boring conversation. I want to have a laugh and enjoy the girl’s company."

Has Mike been on TV before?

Nah. He explains: "I’ve never done any TV before, but with the football I’ve played professionally and l’ve played for my country. I was in the newspapers in Cyprus when I scored a winner in a game."

How would Mike's exes describe him?

He says: "They’d probably say I was honest. They’ll likely be shocked to see me on this."

So there you go. Mike, everybody.


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