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This Marcel t-shirt from the Love Island shop is EVERYTHING

Fans are EXCITED

This series of Love Island is pretty much all we can talk about at the moment. Sorry, not sorry.

We're currently in about 59593 Love Island-related Whatsapp groups, and our friends are under strict instructions to end all social plans by 9pm so we can head home in time for the show and discuss all the shenanigans in said group chat.

We're also loving the new addition of the Love Island shop you can access via their app.

Here's a little list of all the Love Island merch you can buy:

Love Island Marcel t-shirt

Not sure if you've heard but Marcel Somerville used to be in the Blazin' Squad. Yeah, he doesn't really mention it much, so you proably wouldn't have known.....

Anyway, now that you do know, you can buy this HILARIOUS Marcel slogan tee.

We're a bit obsessed and are currently placing an order for all of our Squad.

Love Island personalised water bottles

Love Island fans can now get their very own personalised water bottles - just like the ones the islanders seductively sip from. Where do we sign up??!

The personalised bottles have been getting a lot of attention since the start of the season, and we’re really not surprised tbh. The islanders are never filmed posing, flirting or sunning far from the fave accessory.

And now you can get your own and stay hydrated in style. Amazing.

To buy the personalised bottle you need £15 spare pounds and to have the Love Island app downloaded, which is free.

Enter your name and you will get it personalised onto your bottle in the characteristic Love Island hot pink lettering. FYI, they aren’t letting you print anything that could be deemed rude or offensive onto the bottle - if you were wondering.

Here’s what fans are saying about the bottles on Twitter. The consensus seems to be that they are pricey but SO WORTH IT.

Love Island slogan t-shirts

Also on the shop you can buy an “I’m a solid 8” t-shirt but fans don’t seem quite as excited about these on Twitter. We wonder why...

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