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DEAR LORD. Is the Love Island voiceover guy going into THE VILLA?

We would like to couple up with him plz

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but we’re essentially spending every waking (and some sleeping) moment watching telly right now.

We really need to get outside. It’s very sunny.

Big Brother’s been full of dramz, we’re addicted to that new show Ackley Bridge ( it’s the new Waterloo Road, guyz!!!), and we’re always watching some weird old sex documentary or other on 4OD.

And, of course, our personal favourite - Love Island.

By far one of the best components of the show is the voice-over guy, Iain Stirling, who we discovered last year was a MASSIVE FITLORD.


During last night’s episode, ITV2 tweeted in reply to a tweet about how much they lurve Iain: “Maybe we should get him in the villa, what d’ya reckon @IainDoesJokes #LoveIsland”.

“.@itv2 if this gets 40,000 RT’s I will.”

So far it’s garnered 1,292, but we NEED THIS TO HAPPEN.

C’mon, guys, do your bit.


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