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The official Celebrity Big Brother 2017 line-up is here!

Are you excited?

It’s been a long time coming but the Celebrity Big Brother launch date has finally arrived. The rumoured line-up has landed and it is going to be INCREDIBLE.

This year’s theme is ‘All stars and New Stars’ so, as you can expect, we will be seeing some of the most scandalous housemates returning alongside some fresh new faces.

Is this the official line-up for Celebrity Big Brother 2016? This years housemates don’t walk into the house so we haven’t seen them with our very own eyes. This is the rumoured line up according to The Sun.

So let’s meet this year’s Celebrity Big Brother housemates…

Nicola McLean

Nicola is an English glamour model and media personality who appeared on the show in 2012. She had a major bust up with fellow housemate Denise Welch back then, so we’re sure she’ll ruffle some more feathers this time.

Austin Armacost

Austin is an American model who first appeared on the show in 2015. He made it a long way coming second to The Apprentice’s James Hill. He is rumoured to have a problem with Spencer and Heidi Pratt (Speidi) so things will no doubt get firey.

Coleen Nolan

Coleen was first on the show in 2012 and almost made it to the finish line, coming second to Julian Clary. There has been much speculation that she would be returning as she was spotted by eagle-eyed viewers in the teaser. She is supposedly re-entering the house in order to force a 'trial separation' from her husband, Ray Fensome, after recent marriage troubles.

Spencer and Heidi Pratt

Speidi are probably the most controversial housemates CBB has ever seen and everyone was hoping that they would be returning this year. Heidi & Spencer actually received the most nominations of all the series of Celebrity Big Brother. They still managed to come close to winning coming second to Rylan Clark.

Calum Best

Calum started the rumour mill going when he let slip that he was coming to London for work in January. He was on the show in 2015 and came in third place. No doubt time will be interesting in the house as someone VERY close to him will also be entering...

James Jordan

While his wife has only just left the I’m a Celebrity camp, James is back for another stint in the CBB house. He first appeared on the show in 2014 and was notoriously feisty. He ended up in third place.

Jasmine Waltz

Jasmine is an American glamour model who first appeared on the show in 2014. She was one of the most talked about housemates at the time as she flashed her boobs A LOT during her time on the show. She was also involved in a love triangle so we’re excited to see what she’ll get up to this time around.

Stacy Francis

Stacy was made famous after appearing on the US X Factor in 2011. Despite only making it to the fourth week, she hit the headlines when she was reported to have fallen out with Whitney Houston just before her death. It looks as though she is going to tell all when she gets into the house.

Brandon Block

‘90s DJ Brandon is set to enter the house, and considering his past antics – storming the Brit Awards stage back in 2000 – he is surely going to ruffle A LOT of feathers.

Jamie O'Hara

Jamie is a past footballer and Danielle Lloyd’s ex-husband. He played for Tottenham Hotspurs until 2011 and divorced Danielle in 2014 after he cheated on her. Danielle – who has also appeared in CBB – is reportedly worried that her both Jamie and her former close friend, Nicola McLean, will reveal all.

Ray J

Ray J is Kim K’s ex and the guy in the notorious sex tape which was leaked in 2007. Before that he was an actor appearing in The Sinbad Show in the early 90s. Kim K’s best friend, Jonathon Cheban was a former CBB housemate but he stayed loyal. Will Ray J?

Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca is a glamour model who has racked up a large number of reality TV appearances over the past few years. She is the step-daughter of ex-England footballer Gazza, and rumours are that producers are hoping she will tell all about his battle with alcohol.

Angie Best

Now, this is exciting. Angie is obviously Calum’s mum who is also having a stint in the CBB house. She is a former Playboy Bunny and is known for her marriage to the late George Best.

James Cosmo

James is an actor best known for his role as Jeor Mormont in Game of Thrones. He has a distinguished career in both film and television and is internationally famous.

There are also going to be two more housemates entering on Friday.


"Jedward caused chaos when they were in the house five years ago and viewers loved it," a source told The Daily Star.

"Producers were really keen to get them back, they know they are TV gold."

Now that they're fit (this is a thing), we wouldn't mind seeing them in the shower.


Catch Celebrity Big Brother, tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.


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