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Ricci Guarnaccio and Dan Thomas are leaving Geordie Shore!

Sad news! MTV have announced Ricci Guarnaccio and Dan Thomas are leaving Geordie Shore and won’t be heading to Australia with the rest of the cast for series six.

Ricci joined in series two and is mostly known for his romance with housemate Vicky Pattinson, who last week were seen ending their engagement on the show.

Speaking about his departure, Ricci admitted having their relationship play out on the show had been hard.

"After four series on Geordie Shore, I feel like it’s now my time to finally move on,” he said. "This past series has been particularly tough for me, especially publically broadcasting my relationship with Vicky, which has definitely had its ups and downs.

“I’m happy now to let Vicky do her thing on the show, and move onto other things for myself, out of the Geordie Shore house.”

Meanwhile Dan, who only joined the show last series said he would now be concentrating on… bagging MILFs. Lovely.

“Geordie Shore continues to be an amazing part of my life, meeting mint people in and out the house and visiting fantastic places and countries,” he said.

“I'm really gonna miss living with everyone as they’re like a second family to me, especially the lads. Geordie Shore was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm so grateful for having been given such an incredible opportunity by MTV.

“I’ve decided not to head to Australia with the rest of the crew and am staying in Newcastle where in intend to pursue some exciting personal projects and to continue to chase MILF’s!”

Ricci and Dan’s final two episodes can be seen on Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.

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