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Riverdale Season 2: Everything you need to know

So many questions, so little time...

Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the middle of nowhere for the last few months, you would’ve heard of Riverdale. It’s the Netflix teen phenomenon with a dark side that drew us all into the mysteries of season one (WHO KILLED JASON?!), and is now coming back for a second season. Can we get a “HELL YEAH!”

Riverdale is based around Archie Comics and is full of dark surprises and all the twists and turns you could ask for. It even has half of our favourite Disney twins in it, Cole Sprouse, and our new crush, KJ Apa (with those abs, who can blame us?).

If like us here at heat you’re as eager as we are to watch (obsess) over the Riverdale dramas again in season 2, then look no further, because we have all the information you need covered to get you ready and roaring to go before Riverdale season 2 airs!

Riverdale Season 2 Trailer

What the HELL IS GOING ON!? KJ and Cole are looking as gorgeous as ever in this new teaser trailer, and we are worried for them now more than ever.

When is Riverdale season 2 back?

Luckily for you fans, Netflix have now announced that Riverdale will be back on our screens on October 12th, less than 24 hours after it is released in the US. Yay!

But, if you're anything like us, and can't wait that long to see what the cast have been up to, click here to find out their snapchat usernames so you can follow them up to the release date.

Check out this tweet below from Ross Butler himself, Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why star:

What will happen in Riverdale season 2?

If you thought the first season was explosive, the seemingly quiet town of Riverdale is about to get A WHOLE LOT DARKER! Here’s some of the key things to expect and what we CANNOT wait to find out…

First things first, we need to get to the bottom of Fred Allen’s shooting! We finally solved the murder mystery of Jason in season 1, and now we’re heading for even more drama and mystery as the questions surrounding Fred’s shooting are unravelled.

As well as this, according to Riverdale’s Executive Producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, hero Archie is about to take a turn for the dark side: "It’s going to be a journey more of revenge, and a journey of darkness and violence begetting violence” he told Entertainment Tonight.

You can also expect the love triangles to continue, as Archie seemed to have a change of heart about his childhood friend Betty at the end of season 1. In a conversation with Betty about dating Veronica, he calls Veronica “amazing” yet appears to move closer to Betty, being accused of looking at her “wistfully” (boys, eh?). But Betty’s already moved on from her crush Archie and fallen for Jughead. We can barely keep up!

Betty and Jughead’s (Bughead, FYI) relationship is going to be on rocky waters - Betty tells him in the season 1 finale that she doesn’t want to “let a civil war tear us apart”. Although, with Jughead moving closer to the Southside, wearing the Serpents leather jacket and all sorts, we have a feeling Betty will have no choice.

Riverdale EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed: “Betty and Jughead’s story is going to be Jughead sort of following in his father’s footsteps and perhaps distancing himself from Betty, and Betty struggling to hold on to Jughead”.

Polly, Betty’s sister, is going to be in for an even worse ride in season 2; she is pregnant with twins with Jason, who is now dead, and the twins birth is very likely to be a part of season 2, EP Roberto says. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more complicated, it has also been revealed that Polly and Jason are actually RELATED! Incest? Jeeez.

A power struggle is also in store for Cheryl and her mother Penelope – now they are living alone there is trouble brewing between them. All we ask is PLEASE don’t burn down another mansion, Cheryl (or do; the more dramatic the better, right?).

Who will be in Riverdale season 2?

New characters alert!

Finally, we will get to meet Betty’s secret brother! After her mother, Alice Cooper revealed she gave up her son in high school, calling it the “biggest regret of her life”, Betty’s long-lost brother is due to return to Riverdale.

Hiram Lodge (Veronica’s father) will make an appearance as he is released from prison, instantly creating a whole host of problems between Veronica and Archie, who he disliked in the comic books. EP Roberto: “With Veronica getting in deeper with Archie, and her father’s arrival imminent, I think we’re gonna both honor that classic trope, and then subvert it as well".

Hermoine and Hiram are then set to become the “power couple” of Riverdale season 2; we can sense trouble ahead…

Although, Hermoine and Hiram won’t be the only new loved-up pair we see in Riverdale season 2, as new love interests are apparently in store for both Cheryl, and between Josie and Reggie.

Sadly, Ross Butler will not be in Riverdale season 2 :( His character Reggie is going to be re-casted and taken over by Charles Melton, who you may know from Glee or American Horror Story. Apparently, Ross Butler has other commitments, such as season 2 of 13 Reasons Why we assume.

Where can you watch Riverdale Seasons 1 & 2?

For those in the US, Riverdale is aired on Thursdays on The CW. For the rest of us UK folk, Netflix is our new best friend. Riverdale is released to Netflix every Friday and you can catch up with all 13 episodes of season 1 NOW! If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest you do, but we can’t be held accountable for your new addiction, soz.

Riverdale deleted scene

In this season one deleted scene, Veronica and Hermione Lodge are having a v tense dinner after Veronica pledges her support for Cheryl Blossom and questions her mum about her involvement with the South Side Serpent

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