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Did you spot this RUDE AF word on Countdown?

NSFW lololol

Countdown's one of those classic TV shows that you’d never actually choose to watch, but when you do happen to stumble across it having lost the ability to reach over to the remote and scroll through the channels any longer it's bloody addictive, right?

Also, every now and then, it provides a rare moment of TV gold when Rachel Riley produces nawty words from the jumbled-up vowels and consonants on the famous Countdown board.

YUP. We're approx. 9 years old and rude words are funny, sorry.

In a recent episode, viewers were taken aback when a very NSFW word appeared on the board out of the letters Q, R, S, I, U, K, E and T.


First 'Squirt' was found, but then Countryfile's Adam Henson took it one step further and discovered he could get more points with 'Squirter'. Lovely.

Not exactly daytime telly appropriate, eh?

Everyone was blushing, Rachel was fighting back fits of giggles. It was all very childish, but also a bit hilarious.

Rachel later tweeted a still from the show, revealing the nawty word, along with the caption: "Nothing to see here #waterpistols"



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