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Rylan defends CBB after Twitter row with Nicola McLean’s husband

It makes complete sense.

If you’ve been lacking some drama in your life since Dry January pinched all your mates, then fear not.

That’s exactly what Celebrity Big Brother is here for.


Especially this All Stars series – fights over water bottles! Celebs revealing which housemate they want to bump uglies with! And lap dances galore!

OK, there was one lap dance, but still. It was exciting.

But the latest house saga is actually happening OUTSIDE of the pop art walls.

Yep. Us lot over the fence living in the real world are watching as a bit of a to-do goes on.

Everyone knows that a few nights ago, Nicola got a bit tipsy and her and Jamie were quite cosy. Just being friendly, of course, ignoring Calum Best’s creepy comment.

The world watched and Twitter cringed as they predicted some severe beer fear for Nicola the next morning.

We get it. The day after a heavy sesh is not the one.

So when last night’s show aired, which would have been the morning after the night before, Nicola’s husband, Tom Williams, tweeted his feelings about Big Brother deciding not to show how his wife had spent her day.

“Interesting that @bbuk didn’t show Nicola has been with a psychiatrist all day @Rylan @EmmaWillis”

Now Rylan Clark-Neal has spoken out about the whole debacle, telling Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning that they wouldn’t show anyone’s chat with a psychiatrist because it’s personal.

"Now what I do need to say, it's not my place, but obviously there is a psych on hand the whole time during any reality show," he said.

"And at any point you want to speak to them during the game you can always go to the Diary Room and speak to them.

"That is something we would never ever show, it's very personal and private."

Makes sense.

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