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Is there a SECRET Love Island house?

Tyne-Lexy's mum seems to think so

We're not even two weeks into Love Island yet, and already we've seen more drama than your average wedding, school reunion and family Christmas dinner combined. Surely things will be settling down a bit soon, right?


Fresh from the announcement that new boy bombshell Mike Thalassitis will be entering the villa (with his eye on Dom Lever's lady Jessica Shears, agh); Tyne-Lexy Clarson's mum Tracee now reckons there's a SECRET house on the island. Bloody hell.

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Chatting to The Sun, Tyne-Lexy's mum said: "She’s really entertaining. It’s always a bit strange when you hear someone else saying her name on television.

"The show can run for several weeks and there’s lots of twists and turns they can have. We’re all really excited and she’ll be loving it out there.

"There’s all sorts going on and there’s a secret house in there."

Sorry, y'what love? A SECRET HOUSE? That isn't the villa? An area we, as viewers, had literally no idea about until you casually just blurted it out?

But...we had a fancy tour of the villa with Caroline Flack and she didn't tell us about any secret house. Why would Caroline lie to us? THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TRUST ISSUES, PEOPLE.

Time will tell, we guess.


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