Someone got kicked off Come Dine With Me after a row over Take That

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Someone got kicked off Come Dine With Me after a row over Take That


#whereisRory hit us like a ton of bricks.

Why, oh why, was a contestant removed from Come Dine with Me midway through the competition?

It just made no sense.

Until now…

The mystery behind the contestant's removal has now been solved, and it's all because he was a bit stubborn.

Oh, and because of his love of Take That.

A previous episode saw Rory angrily clash with another guest over whether Gary Barlow was the most talented member of Take That.

Fans were confused and wanted answers when Rory Nicoll vanished from the show without explanation.

And now Jennifer Judge – a fellow contestant on the show – told the Dunfermline Press that she had a great time meeting the others but revealed an argument broke out.

And she went on to say that after the argument, Rory was given an ultimatum: "The producer said if the host didn't apologise, he would get kicked off the show”.

And what did Rory decide?

Well, of course he chose to leave.

Like any hardcore Take That fan, he refused to let Robbie Williams take the spot of most talented member.

We admire your courage, Rory.


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