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Celebrity Big Brother: Stacy Francis wants to do VERY NAWTY things with Brandon Block


We're just going to come out and say it, It's only been one week and already this series of Celebrity Big Brother looks set to be the BEST yet.

The All Stars and the New Stars are providing us with pure TV gold. We don't think we'll ever get over Ray J's rubber duck soap opera, and we're pretty sure new arrivals Jedward are going to create all the DRAMZ.

(Here's a quick reminder of the full-line up, FYI)

Last night's ep was a rather saucy affair and a few housemates revealed their nawty sides.

Speaking in the diary room Stacy Francis shared her thoughts on the men in the house.

She starts off and says that if Calum Best wanted to play a "little kissy kissy think with me I would totally do it."

Stacy, you lil' minx.

BUT then she goes on to say she really likes, 90s DJ Brandon Block: "There's a fire in that guy, he'll be the one who pulls your hair and there's something really sexy about that.

"He gives you the eye where it's like, 'I will f*ck the shit out of you.'"


Last night also saw the house play a nawty game of dares and things got v raunchy.

Coleen Nolan gave Calum a lap dance. Srsly. You can watch it here:

And Spencer Pratt asked Jasmine a pretty saucy question about Calum and Jamie O'Hara.

"With all due respect to Calum's mum," he began, "If Calum's mum was not here and Calum was in the Jacuzzi, and no one was here and you had your red wine, and Jamie was in the shower and you had your red wine…who would you choose to get wet with?"

:O :O :O

Jasmine eventually chose Calum. IS THIS A SIGN OF A ROMANCE TO COME?

On Saturday night we saw Calum, Jasmine and Jamie get VERY cosy in bed together.

Calum and Jasmine were having a cheeky spoon and it would appear everyone was heading off to bed.

The pair kissed and then Jamie jumped in and got a peck too (not wanting to be left out, obvs) and then the three of them lay there cuddling while the other housemates looked on in amazement.

See we told you this was potentially the best series yet!

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