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Sukhvinder Javeed: EVERYTHING you need to know about the Big Brother contestant

If you're not on TV then who are you, tbh?

Big Brother is back in full swing and the house has already been heated by a few arguments.

Sukhvinder Javeed - one half of the married couple - has featured in some of these; which undoubtedly means we want to know more about her (what are we like, eh?).

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Who is Sukhvinder Javeed?

Sukhvinder Javeed is a Sikh mum and one half of the married couple in the house.

She met her husband Imran when she was 8 and they married when she was 17. The wedding happened in secret because Imran is Muslim and Sukhvinder's family disapproved. We find this sorta unexpectedly romantic when you consider how much they argue in the house...

Why did Sukhvinder come on Big Brother?

The couple came onto the show to show the world what they are all about.

Sukhvinder said “I want to meet the world and I want the world to meet me too!" She also said “life is an amazing gift and if you aren’t on TV then who are you?” (lol).

Imran sees himself as 'self-made from the ghetto' and wants to make people question their opinion of Muslim people.

How old is Sukhvinder?


Where is Sukhvinder from?


What is Sukhvinder's Instagram?


Do Sukhyvinder and Imran count as one or two housemates?

Sukhyvinder and Imran have entered the house as two housemates which means one can stay while the other goes home. Pls no.

In the past couples like Jedward and Samanda have entered as one.

What does Sukhvinder do?

Sukhvinder is an entrepreneur and runs a business with her husband. They make a bottle-feeding aid and baby comforter called MilkySnugz. Do they ever NOT do anything together?

Do Sukhvinder and Imran have children?

Yes, they have a daughter called Jazmine Javeed who is fairly prolific on social media.

She wants to be the world's leading lawyer and came 4th in Miss Leeds 2015. Go Jazmine!

You can check out Jazmine's Instagram here: @jazminejaveed97

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