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TOWIE's Amber Turner admits to kissing Dan Edgar


She's only been on show for a couple of weeks, but already TOWIE newbie Amber Turner is caught up in more AGG then a messy Saturday night on Brentwood high street.

Things kicked off in Marbella over a comment she made about her co-star Dan Edgar being good looking (tbf, he's a fitlord), despite being in a relationship with her boyfriend of four-years, Jamie Reed, at the time.

Amber has since split with Jamie and speaking to heatworld last week, confirmed she is now dating Dan: "The timing's obviously the worst thing. I don't want to say that it was Dan, but one of the things that contributed to the break-up of our relationship was the fact my head had been turned."

Amber also told us she's enjoying seeing where things may lead with her TOWIE co-star: "I hate the term 'seeing each other'.

"We are just enjoying each other's company and having a laugh together. So I guess we are seeing each other. But we don't want to rush into anything, we've both just come out of long term relationships."

However, Amber always denied cheating on Jamie with Dan.

In last night's episode of The Only Way Is Essex, Dan admitted to Tommy Mallet and Diags that he had kissed Amber while she was with Jamie.

He said: “We went Faces the other night and Amber came back to mine again.

“Yeah we kissed, look we did we kiss. There’s nothing for me to cover up here, I’m single at the end of the day."

Then, in a scene with Georgia Kousoulou, Amber admitted: "The only time we kissed was on Saturday, this is my being 100 per cent honest. The only time something happened was Saturday."

Last night's episode also saw Jamie confront Amber about her car being parked outside Dan's house, believing something more happened then just a kiss.

The plot thickens…

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