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TOWIE fans are KICKING OFF over Chloe Meadows and Amber Turner's explosive argument


Not only did TOWIE treat us to an hour-long spesh last night, former girl band members Chloe Meadows and Amber Turner treated us to one of the BEST reality telly arguments that we've ever seen.

It was AGG central and we're not going to lie, we loved every single second of it. Especially all the ssssssshing.

The two former pals came to blows over Chloe's friendship with Amber's now ex-boyfriend Jamie Reed.

Amber and Jamie dated for four and a half years before calling things off after a trip to TeneGRIEF (where Amber admitted that she fancied the pants off Dan Edgar) and the former lovebirds are now ARCH ENEMIES following the revelation that Dan and Amber are now 'seeing each other'. Whatever that means.

And during last night's episode, Amber was seen blasting Chloe for meeting up with Jamie to talk about the situation and confronted her in the toilets. As you do.

“I just feel like all you’ve been doing is talking about the situation…I just don’t really understand why?

"I feel like you’re so concerned about it, like bit obsessed with it in a weird way. Don’t you think?"

Cue a load of sarcasm, screams of 'I don't give a fuck', loads of rude sssssssshing and even more insults.


And OVBIOUSLY, TOWIE fans reacted to the dramz the only way they know how - by tweeting their opinions. Duhhhh.

Some were Team Chloe 4EVA.

Many felt like Amber had a point.


And some were just over it already LOL.

TBF, we were just LIVING for the Chris Clark/Little Mix references last night.



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