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Vicky Pattison's ex Joss Mooney stalks into Ex On The Beach

Is it very wrong to have a bit of a dirty thing for him? IS IT THOUGH?

You know who's fit? Joss Mooney.

And tonight, the man who used to date Vicky Pattison and actual Dreamboy Joss stalks into Ex On The Beach for the second time.

Why have MTV saved him until the final episode? WHY? Sure sure, best 'til last and all that but we'd far rather have had Joss to oggle than, let's say, Liam Lewis.

"Who's Liam Lewis?" we hear you cry. Exactly.

ANYWAY, Joss who describes himself as a "loveable moron" has been invited back as the ex of Kayleigh Morris, a woman he says is "f*cking mental".

Kayleigh, of course, is there as the ex of Ashley Cain (and Stephen Bear – keep up), who Joss had actual fisticuffs with in series one.

We predict a riot. In teeny gold shorts. Mmmmm.

Would you like to watch a bit of TOPLESS JOSS? You can:

In other Ex On The Beach news: the aforementioned Kayleigh has been proper nasty about Jemma Lucy on Twitter. Yuck.

And in the next series of Ex On The Beach, due to hit our telly boxes in January 2017, Aaron Chalmers has sex with Jenny Thompson – Gary Beadle's ex.

Haven't these celebs heard of Tinder? They quite honestly don't have to f*ck each other's exes all the damn time. Although that would rather undermine the premise of one of our favourite shows, so…

Ex On The Beach concludes on Tuesday at 10pm, only on MTV


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