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We've got EPIC sneak peaks from the new Ex On The Beach :O

You know how the telly this year has been SO GOOD that you’ve been making every excuse under the sun not to meet your mates down the pub?

How can you when you never know what is around the corner in Celebrity Big Brother? They’re literally all over the place. And Brandon Block is now GONE.


Well, this news is gonna make everything a little easier.

The Ex On The Beach teasers are HEREEEEEEE.

We can't deal either, babes.

We already gave you a quick spin around the new cast here, and we showed you the full, explosive, fan-bloody-tastic trailer full of spats, sex and suspiciously orange tans.

But those delights over at MTV have released actual footage from the next series which is due to air next week, and we get to meet each and every romantically challenged individual that has found themselves washed up on the beach.


We get to meet Josh who laughs at his own jokes (same), Masie who loves feeding her donkeys (really) and Alex who reckons he “used to be a massive geek until he got the sweet taste of vagina.”


Other incredible one liners include: “I’m either looking to get my tongue in her shitbox, or my cock.”

We actually have no words.

But it does look jam packed with all the usual dramz, from some cray looking fights to a fair bit of lip locking.

There are some v intimate bum rubs on the beach.

As well as some absolutely brutal-looking girl fights.

And, of course, some of the lads getting aggy and smashing shit up.

But the boys do love a good hug, too.

Oh wait. Maybe the girls are better at showing some love to their new pals?

Perhaps not. Do they even care though?

Didn’t think so. And it’s all finished off with, erm, whatever the hell is going on here.

Who’s gonna end up with who? Will it be as dramatic as the whole Gary Beadle/Jemma Lucy/every other girl in the villa debacle of last season? And will anyone who goes on the show ever realise that they are going to bump into their exes because THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SHOW?

Who knows. All we can do is tune in to MTV on 17th January to see what goes down on Ex On The Beach series 6.

Popcorn at the ready.

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