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10 reasons why Harry Potter is STILL the best

As the Harry Potter films come back to NOW TV, we take a look back at just why we love them all

Prepare to feel old – it’s been a whopping 15 years since boy wizard Harry Potter first hit our cinema screens.

And this month, all eight brilliant Harry Potter films return to NOW TV, so you can go way back to the days when it wasn't yet acceptable to fancy Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson wasn’t quite the style icon she is now.

Yes, get ready to relive all of Harry and co's Hogwarts adventures, from when 11-year-old orphan Harry was first told he was a wizard in Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone, to his increasingly scary battles with Voldemort's dark forces in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, all the way up to the magnificent conclusion in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 2. Here's why Harry is still the best…


Or Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, to give him his full name. The most powerful wizard of his time and Headmaster of Hogwarts, Harry’s wise, benevolent protector has a magnificent beard and his very own phoenix.

Severus Snape

Even though he's (sort of) a baddie, we could never get enough of Alan Rickman's world-weary disdain for "Potter". Perhaps one of the most complex of all the film's characters, he is capable of making us yell at the screen in anger but also break our hearts.

The creatures

Werewolves, Centaurs, Boggarts, Dementors, Basilisks, Hippogriffs – there are countless creatures in the series, by turns cute, comedic and terrifying. If you've got a phobia of spiders, keep your eyes closed in certain scenes!

The British cast

As well as Dan-Rad, Rupert Grint and the rest, the films also star proper Brit legends like Dame Maggie Smith, Julie Walters and Robbie Coltrane – they are a star-spotter's dream.

The magic

The scenes at Hogwarts are some of the most, ahem, magical of the whole film series, as we learn how to cast spells along with our heroes. We've spent way too much time over the years yelling "Expelliarmus" at our flatmates or wondering exactly what we would conjure up if Expecto Patronum was an actual thing.


We'd almost be willing to swap our cat for a House Elf – that's how cool they are. Dobby is a Harry Potter hero, spying on the Malfoy family and revealing their dastardly plots. He eventually gave his own life to save Harry and his pals from the Death Eaters. Actual sob.

The unlikely romances

Did you want Harry and Hermione to seal the deal or were you always rooting for flame-haired would-be Romeo Ron? There were plenty of romances to enjoy over the eight films, including Hermione and Quidditch champ Viktor Krum, and werewolf-bothering Bill and Fleur.


He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is Harry's arch-enemy, a terrifying wizard who wants Harry dead because he alone has the power to vanquish him. He's the reason Harry is an orphan – Voldemort went to kill Harry as a baby, and his parents died while protecting him.


Lacrosse on broomsticks? Sign us up! Surprisingly violent for a game played by children, Quidditch involves haring around up in the sky, careening into one another while chasing the Golden Snitch, which looks like a gold ping-pong ball with wings. Luckily, our Harry is a born natural.


Awww! That bowl haircut, those round glasses… How cute was Dan-Rad as a kid? We feel like we basically watched him grow up, as he turned from timid orphan to full-on wizarding wonder over the films. And what a magical journey it was. As well as discovering he was a wizard and dealing with spells, magic and terrifying enemies intent on killing him, Harry also had to negotiate something even more frightening: being a teenager and falling in love.

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