X Factor boyband Kingsland forced to change their name… to Kingsland Road

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X Factor boyband Kingsland forced to change their name… to Kingsland Road

Well that's going to take some getting used to...

Haircut collection and X Factor boyband Kingsland have been forced to change their name, because of ‘the law’.

Apparently a group in America also has the same name, and despite the fact that nobody has ever heard of Kingsland USA, Kingsland UK are having to change their name regardless. To – GET THIS – Kingsland Road. Please adapt the A2 paper banners you made declaring your love to the boyband accordingly.

The band decided to add the word ‘road’ to their name in honour of Kingsland Road, the infinitely long thoroughfare in east London near where the fivesome are based.

“So we have something to tell you,” the band announced on Facebook. “Since we have been featured on The X Factor we have found out that legally we have to tweak our name slightly…

“The reason we are called Kingsland is because we live near the Kingsland Road in London…

“…So to stay out of prison and because it makes perfect sense, from now on we’re going to be known by our full name KINGSLAND ROAD!

“We love our new name and hope you will do too.” Eh. It’s OK.

Anyway, Kingsland Road aren’t the only X Factor band to have had to change their name because of the law: Little Mix were formerly Rhythmix until it turns out a charity was operating under the same name, while little-known five-piece One Direction also had to fend off a legal challenge from an American band of the same name. Also if anyone remembers Liberty X, Liberty X had to do it as well.

Meanwhile, ‘Unnamed Girl Group’ are still trying to think of a name, after discarding Stop, Look, Listen and Miss Dynamics. “It’s going to start with a Miss,” said singer Jeanette Akua. “That’s all I’ll say.” MISS FRANK 2. CALL YOURSELF MISS FRANK 2.

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