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Simon Cowell's made some BIG changes to The X Factor live shows

He loves to mix things up, doesn't he?

The X Factor's back, it's practically mid-winter and we can finally give up the false pretense of a summer body and go back to piling on about 249525 layers of cosy jumpers. It's absolutely our favorite time of year.

We've already seen and heard about a number of changes made to this year's X Factor competition, from the audition process to axing spin-off show The Xtra Factor, and now Simon's apparently got big plans for the live shows.

We know that our weekends are going to be one big X Factor fest with shows on Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future, but what you may not have been aware of is that acts could see themselves facing early elimination from the competition.

While the basic format of a live performance show on Saturday and a results program on Sunday night still essentially remains the same, it's thought bosses have plans to see some acts booted off on Saturday nights, too. BRUTAL.

Plus, in a bid to win over more viewers, Simon's reportedly planning to welcome even more A-List stars to perform on both Saturday and Sunday evenings.

"Simon loves making changes to the show's format to keep it fresh, so he's been pitching to producers that the show should ditch the traditional Sunday night format," a source told The Sun Online.

“The shows will be tighter, less predictable for viewers and acts will perform across the weekend."

It's also been revealed that there will be fewer live shows this year, with only six in the run up to Christmas, as opposed to 10 in previous years.

“The show won’t have a Christmas special this year – in fact, it barely gets past Fireworks Night before it’s over,” another insider explained.

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