10 Bizarre But Brilliant Wardrobe Hacks

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Bizarre as they may be, we’ve got some stellar tips and tricks to solve your wardrobe woes.

Ever pulled a cold bottle of beer out of the fridge, poured yourself a glass… and then used it to clean your gold jewellery? Probably not, but if you did, you’d be surprised to see it come out sparkling and shiny. Team heat have put the most surprising style hacks to the test and given our verdicts to bring you the lowdown on the tricks you really need to know.

1. The Mini Iron Hack Ironing is a mega hassle. If you ever need to crisp-up a blouse, but don’t want to bust out the iron- just set your straightener to medium heat and smooth away your collars. Be sure to avoid those dreaded smears and wipe off any excess hair products before you start!

HEAT’S VERDICT: 7/10 We’ve done this one on more than one occasion when running late. Great for removing light creases.

2. The Blast And Expand Hack Nobody wants painful feet when you’re cranking it on the dancefloor. Give yourself some room to breathe, and avoid those grotty heel plasters, by popping on a pair of socks and blasting your snazzy close-toed heels with a hairdryer. The heat will stretch the material to fit your feet better.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 8/10 Works a treat, but the shoes have to be leather.

3. The Bobble Shave Hack Bobbly clothing makes us sad, so run a razor along the bobbled threads for the ultimate fix. It’s also great for removing loose strands, as the sharp blade will cut neatly without pulling or wrinkling the fabric.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 7/10 Putting a razor near our favourite pieces of clothing was terrifying, but it works! Just avoid knitwear as it can pull more threads than it neatens.

4. The Lippy Begone Hack

Got changed in a hurry and ended up smearing lippy on your blouse? Don’t panic! Pre-treat with Ariel liquid, then wash as normal at the hottest temperature indicated on the care label and let Ariel 3in1 Pods do their thing. Your shirt will be meeting ready in no time!

HEAT’S VERDICT: 10/10 Does this work? Yes, a thousand times yes.

5. The Stuck To Smooth Hack You know that favourite leather jacket of yours? The one with the zip that’s always stuck? #ANNOYING- but there is a quick fix. Just grab some Vaseline and smooth it onto the zip.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 9/10 Fixes chapped lips AND tricky zips. #Nifty

6. The Only Time Nail Polish Should Come Anywhere Near Your Eyes Hack If you’re anything like us, then you’re definitely guilty of throwing your sunnies into your bag with no cares as to whether they’ll make it out in one piece, (this is why you could never justify buying that sleek pair of Gucci frames.) If the arms of your sunnies have become loose, apply some clear nail polish onto the screws to tighten them up.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 8/10 Use a light hand or you’ll end up with dried polish over your lenses. It will save them though.

7. The Lack Of Ladders Hack Ladders in your tights look tacky amirite? Avoid dreaded ladders with some hairspray. The spray will bond the fibres, making them stronger and less likely to tear.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 7/10 First time we did this, we were wearing the tights, which is a big no-no, unless you want sticky legs. Spray your tights before you put them on people. They should stay ladder-free all day though.

8. The All That Glitters Hack No-one likes green ring- ew. So keep your jewellery at its best with some simple kitchen essentials. Light beer will bring the shine back to gold, and ketchup will have your silver glistening.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 9/10 Works marvellously, just don’t drink the used beer.

9. The Drunk Denim Hack Don’t let your fave denim piece suffer the fate of fading by overwashing it. Instead, spray your jeans or jacket with a freshening mix of water, a shot of vodka and a few drops of essential oil.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 8/10 Blacks stayed black and blues stayed blue. Hoorah!

10. The Go Bananas Hack There’s more you can do after making your morning smoothie. Take a banana peel and rub the inside of the skin onto your favourite boots to bring back their old shine.

HEAT’S VERDICT: 9/10 This works, and it means you don’t have to buy shoe polish!

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