90s tooth gems are making a COMEBACK, yaaaaas

Ready to channel your inner P!nk?

The current craze over everything 90s/00s shows no sign of waning. We're still lusting over pastel hues, scrunchies, dungarees, chokers, mini-buns and we were OVERJOYED when Gap recently announced its iconic hoodie was officially coming back.

We're still waiting for crimpers, tamagotchi's and Hollyoaks' Later to make a comeback tbh.

And now all the 90s rebels can rejoice, because tooth gems are back and they're here to stay. Yep, the tiny lil gold or silver gems that we begged our mums for weeks on end about are now trendy again.

The gem, that is bonded to the tooth using a special adhesive and can stay attached for years, is going to be your 2k17 selfie accessory.

Katy Perry rocked a tiny Nike logo on her gnashes waaaaay back in 2015 and now singer Halsey uploaded a selfie of herself rocking a gold star on one of her teeth.

i-D magazine and loads of beauty bloggers have also got on board with the trend, too, and have been showing off the results all over Insta.

Oh and before you get too excited, dentists are still advising that you don't do a dodgy DIY gem job at home and think twice before you glue anything to your teeth.


Dentist Dr. Lane told Mail Online last year that as long as you visit a dentist, there isn't really a downside to tooth gems.

He said: They are a very safe and non-permanent way to add a touch of bling to your smile. If you want to have the gem removed at any point, we will polish off the gem and adhesive material without damaging the tooth."


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