Juicy Couture have launched a Beauty and the Beast collection!


Noughties nostalgia is alive and well and it's safe to say velour, teaming unparalleled comfort with Paris Hilton-esque socialite glamour (what more could you want?), is having a bit of a moment right now.

The pioneers responsible for propelling this sartorial wonder to international stardom, Juicy Couture, have sauntered back into our lives and confirmed their status as the OGs of the velour trackies.

They recently launched a collection in collaboration with Topshop and you've probably seen them cropping up in Urban Outfitters too. It's officially become OK to have a big ol' JUICY blazoned across your bum and quite frankly we couldn't be happier (We're even wondering if UGGS will actually be a thing again soon).

Anyway, Juicy Couture have stepped their revival up a gear and teamed with Swarovski to release a Beauty and the Beast capsule collection ahead of the general release of the 90s film remake.

Can we please get a collective, YAAAAAS?

The limited edition collection was announced on Monday and features two soft, velour tracksuit tops, both embellished with Swarovski crystals.

There's the Stained Glass Rose Robertson hooded jacket in navy, which boasts a very intricate design of a stained glass rose on the back.

And a yellow (the colour of Belle's famous dress in Beauty and the Beast) Beauty Within Westwood jacket.

You can shop the collection here, but be warned, the prices are as dazzling as the 1491805910 crystals you'll be rocking.

The navy hoodie will set you back $698.00 and the yellow jacket is $598.00. But can you really put a price on looking like a Disney princess? (Yes, probably and our budget currently stretches to about £4.50 atm.)


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