These Topshop jeans have divided the internet and the WORLD

slight exaggeration, but people are talking

Every so often a new item of clothing comes along and practically melts the internet. It's usually some sort of statement jacket, probably from Zara and seen on every fashion-forward A-lister from Olivia Palermo to Kate Middleton.

But we very much doubt the Duchess of Cambridge is about to rush out to her local Topshop and by the latest pair of jeans taking the nation by storm.


Here we were thinking we'd pretty much seen every take on the denim staple Toppers had to offer, from the ridiculously skinny to the ankle-grazer. We even embraced those jeans that actually had more rips than fabric, 'cos ya know, fashion.

However, we feel like we may have to draw the line at the latest pair of mom jeans Topshop are trying to make happen.

Dubbed the "clear knee mom jeans" (because that's essentially what they are) the jeans boast a clear plastic panel on each leg, showcasing your knees like some sort of museum exhibit.

TBF, we can kind of see the appeal for those rainy, miserable days when you really want to show off your knee-caps but you CBA to get wet. Maybe you'd want to draw pretty hearts and smiley faces on them without the fear of the ink running onto the denim and causing all kinds of problems. Sartorial nightmare avoided.

Anyway, Twitter has spoken out on the 'it' (or not so it) jeans, and this is what people had to say:

"What fresh hell is this?"

Actual mums have been banned from wearing them:

Some people think they could come in handy:

If you do fancy trying out a bold, but probably quite practical new look you can find the jeans of the season here, for £49.


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