Topshop are trying to make CLEAR PLASTIC jeans happen


Not so long ago, heat were left very baffled when Topshop started selling their denim staple mom jeans with plastic knees. Dubbed the "clear knee mom jeans" the jeans boasted a clear plastic panel on each leg, that showcase your knobbly knees like some sort of museum exhibit.

We were also left equally baffed when Kendall Jenner wore denim cut-off shorts with the ankles still attached.


And two months on, Topshop have quite literally outdone themselves in the jean department because they're now selling jeans that are COMPLETELY MADE OUT OF PLASTIC.


We're sweating just looking at them, tbh.

As reported by Glamour, Topshop are selling a pair of pants that are 100 percent polyurethane and therefore completely see-through. They're also 55 pounds.

And despite the space-age jeans (can we call them jeans???) being entirely see-through, they come in the very popular MOTO cut, so they're straight-legged and crop just above the ankle. You can also put them in the wash (or just give them a wipe??) and you won't have to worry about them fading.

However, the internet is STILL not convinced and many have taken to Twitter to express their disdain at Topshop's latest 'it' jeans.

This is what people had to say:

But a few were kinda here for the latest trend:

If your inner fashionista is screaming at you to ignore the haterzzzz, you can snap them up here.


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