8 coats that will actually make you *gasp* excited for Winter

It’s not all cold mornings and rain clouds, hun!

We are finally over the Bank Holiday Weekend hangover (JUST!) the shops are filling with dreamy stationary (despite not using an actual IRL pen since 2013) and The X Factor is back on the telly, which means, Hurah! Winter is basically here.

But unless you are Kendall Jenner and you once forgot you were given a Rolls Royce for your 21st birthday, you are going to need to be wise about your coat choice 'cos they can be rather expenny....

Do you opt for a show-stoppin’, colour-poppin’ (faux) fur ensemble a la Rihanna? Do you play it safe with a classic Alexa Chung trench? Or none of the above and instead rock a puffer coat like Bianca from EastEnders, because it’s almost like turning up to the office in your duvet?

Whatever your decision, don’t finalise it until you’ve checked out this babein’ bunch, for a autumn/winter coat that’s GLOAT-worthy. Yup, we just did that.

1. The Kat Slater one, £65, Monki

Toughen up your everyday basics with a feline-print faux fur coat which 'Ender's Kat Slater cicra 2004 would have been PROUD to sashay through The Square in. Shouting 'Awwwwwlfie' at the top of your lungs is, of course, optional.

2. The ‘I work in fashaaaan, dahhhlin’ one, £89, Topshop

This vinyl trench coat is a glorious shade of burgundy and brighter than Haper Beckham's future. The fashionistas amongst you would have remembered this is a dupe of Alexa Chung's 'it' coat from her 2016 M&S collection and has since been the focal point of many fashion-y people's OOTD's. Get yours early this year and have people thinking you're a ritzy-glitzy fashion editor on the bus.

3. The very sensible one, 59.99, New Look

Black - tick! Hood - tick! A flash of fur for when temperatures undoubtably plummet to minus 29203832 degrees? TICK. This coat has everything you could possibly want. It's almost like opting for the chicken burger and chips at Nandos - it's the safe option, yes, but you won't regret it (and it'll get you at least nine likes on Instagram.)

4. The duvet one, £76, Urban Outfitters

You know those days (read: EVERY SINGLE DAY) where you wake up six minutes before you're due to leave for work and you would rather continue your dream where you're living on a farm with Love Island's Chris Hughes? This dreamy puffer coat will act like a second duvet, meaning the transition from bed to life is hella easier. You're welcome.

5. The human fluffball one, £79, Topshop

Wrap yourself up in a salmon pink fur coat, which is essentially like wearing a massive hug. You get all the benefits of a massive shnugggle without worrying about texting it back or going to it's great-aunt's gathering in rural Gloucestershire. Ker-ching!

6. The 'race you to the CHECK-out' one, £80, River Island

A long-line check coat is perfect for all those bizzniss meetings and fooling the world that you have your shit together. Team with tapered trousers and footless loafers and you'll be laughing, mate.

7. The dead-classic one, £119, Zara

A classic trench coat we imagined ourself as an actual 'grown-up lady' wearing. For a time in the future, when we actually go to the doctors when we are ill (instead of suffering until mum intervenes) and can actually get to the end of the month without desperately calling Halifax, CRYING. Wait, who are you kidding. Just get it now.

8. The 'ski trip at 7, date night at 9' one! £70, ASOS

You know them times when it's cold outside, but you want to look like you've made an effort? When you are going somewhere fancy-shmancy, but it's freezing AF? Well, ASOS have listened to your prayers, babes! Because why not, eh!


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