Carrie Bradshaw's little white tutu cost HOW MUCH?

Well, that's a surprise.

Carrie Bradshaw – aka TV's ultimate fashion icon – and her little white tutu first appeared on our screens 18 years ago and instantly became a style inspiration to millions of budding fashionistas.

And Sarah Jessica Parker – who played Carrie – is still inspiring and pioneering trends to this day.

Did you see her majorly channeling Carrie Bradshaw at the Golden Globes last weekend?

Now we’ve mentioned her little white tutu already.

Why? Because it’s one of the most famous fashion images to ever appear on television.

The tutu features in the opening credits of Sex and the City, and it was famous enough to make a reappearance in the film.

So how much was this coveted item, we hear you ask.

It was actually a bargain.

According to Patricia Field – the show’s costume designer – the ballet skirt was a meager $5, which is about £4.

And what’s more, it was found in a showroom bin.


The tutu became so popular that Patricia actually began creating her own versions on her website,, for about £115.

Now, that’s a HEFTY price increase showing the influence Carrie Bradshaw on fashion trends.

It also turned out that while Sarah Jessica Parker was more than happy to wear the tutu, the show’s producers took some convincing.

Luckily for them, they trusted Patricia.


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