You can get the Love Island girls' look for under 4 quid


We're so obsessed with the Love Island lot we essentially want to emulate every aspect of their lives. So far so good, to be honest. We've already nabbed ourselves the infamous personalised water bottle, have their lingo plastered all over us thanks to the Primark slogan tee collection and have our eye on a couple of the girls' bikinis.

So obviously we're after their bloody accessories, too.

Well now it's possible, 'cause we've found a well close match to those preeeetty palm leaf earrings you might've seen Gabrielle Allen and Amber Davies wearing.

Palm leaves are the aesthetic of the MOMENT, are they not? From Instagram interior inspo to the high street; they're everywhere rn. It only makes sense we're obsessed with the girls' gold earrings.

And guess what? You can get a super-similar pair for under 4 quid from Zara. That's less than your ruddy Pret sandwich.

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You're probably gonna have to hurry, 'cause these tropical beauts are just £3.99 (down from a tenner, bargain) in the Zara sale. Get in, loser. We're going shopping.

Now we just need to bag ourselves a Jamie Jewitt and we're sorted.

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